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The Hejny method is managed by the team at H-MAT, o.p.s., an organization founded by Prof. Hejny and his granddaughter Anna Sukniak in 2013. The organisation's main objective is to improve mathematics literacy among pupils at all types of schools through the implementation of a teaching method (developed by Milan Hejny) which focuses on building mental schemata.


Prof. RNDr. Milan Hejný, CSc.
Co-founder, Main Author

Bc. Anna Sukniak
Co-founder, Co-author

Certified Instructors

What we do and why we love it

Our mathematics teaching builds on pupils’ creativity and on their own engagement, during which the teacher has an irreplaceable role as an informed and empathetic guide for his pupils.

We strive to enrich the existing range of mathematics teaching approaches, which remain dominated by top-down instruction by the teacher, who drills procedures and rules. Our approach gives pupils plenty of space for their own creativity, autonomous thinking and communicative interaction. They learn how to form their own thoughts as well as how to listen to and critically assess their classmates’ ideas. They learn through class discussions that democracy is a way of solving problems and seeking truths collaboratively.

The results of two independent surveys (one our own and one conducted by CSI, the Czech School Inspectorate) indicate that the majority (98%) of the teachers who have adopted our method are satisfied with the change they have made to their mathematics teaching and find it appropriate. Approximately 800 schools have accepted the Hejny method or some of its aspects. Teachers value the surprising enthusiasm their pupils show for the subject when using this method and note the immense satisfaction they get when their classes discover mathematics through it.

We believe that there is a real need for change in mathematics teaching methods and thereby also in pupils’ attitude toward mathematics. Instead of seeing mathematics as a source of frustration pupils should view it as a tool for understanding the world around us.

That is what our work is all about. We find fulfillment in enabling more and more people to experience the joy of discovering (not only) mathematics.

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